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Tammy has been a professional photographer for six years.  Tammy came to Worcester in 1990 to pursue a Master’s degree at Clark University, and never left.  While working at Clark, she took photography classes at night.  She has also taken photography classes at the Rhode Island School of Design, at the New England School of Photography, and at the Maine Photographic Workshops.  Before venturing out on her own as a freelance photographer, Tammy was a staff photographer at Worcester Magazine and Worcester Business Journal from 2000-2002.

The majority of her business is commercial work.  Her main clients are local universities and the YWCA.   She often does environmental portraits and photographs events, performances, and campus life. She has begun adding more portraiture and wedding work, as she enjoys working with people and creating soulful images.  In addition to her commercial and portrait work, Tammy creates digitally altered photographs to give the appearance of paintings.  Tammy feels that transforming her photographic images into “paintings” gives the images a more universal appeal and makes them more representative.  The painterly quality of the images takes them a step away from the sharp specifics that the camera captures, and projects a more symbolic and romantic quality.  It connects to her feelings more directly and resonates with her.  She hopes that they connect with other people as well.

Tammy has created a series of images: Tirana, Albania: Photo Impressions of Life in the City, which stems from four trips she has taken to Tirana, Albania, to visit her husband’s family.   What she loves about Albania – how much life happens out on the streets, in the public arena; how the old world and the new world exist side by side; how people are not afraid to touch each other; how grandparents take their grandkids to the parks and playgrounds; how older people still dress up when they go out; how many young people look like Italian fashion models; how much community exists everywhere; the unique contraptions created by ingenuity and necessity  – she tries to share through her portraits of their everyday life.

Tammy continues to attend workshops and classes, to improve herself and expand her craft.

© 2006 Tammy Woodard, Worcester, MA